Q:  What is the origin of the Ontario 911 Advisory Board (OAB 911)?

A:  The OAB 911 was created in 1994 at the request of the Western Ontario Wardens Association to assist with the safe implementation of 911, and have since grown to represent municipalities at the Canadian Radio-Television and  Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/welcome.htm and with various working groups involved with the safe delivery of 911.


Q:  What funding has been in place historically for the OAB 911?

A:  The OAB 911 has never been provided with a budget, or required audited financial statements because we have survived on the volunteerism of its members, paying our bills out of pocket, supplemented by the generosity of a minimal group of supporters. We have received periodic payments of $500 from the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) and a one time provincial grant from three ministries totalling $30,000, which has sustained the OAB 911 since 1998.  Although created by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) we have not received any financial contributions from that body or the current Provincial government. While constantly applauded for our efforts to harness the various telephone carriers and modern technology in order to ensure the safe delivery of 911, there has been no consistent ongoing financial assistance.


Q:    What other groups represent the interests of the citizens of Ontario as it relates to the service of 911?

A:  The OAB 911 is the only group representing the interests of the citizens on Ontario in matters relating to the safe delivery of 911 service in Ontario. We consistently confront the business interests of the various private providers of phone services and their solicitors across the Province who pursue their own financial agenda, rather than the maintenance and advancement of the existing safe and effective 911 system.


Q:    What is the projected OAB 911 annual budget, and what will the monies be used for?

A:  The OAB 911 has presented an annual budget of $40,000 to AMO, ROMA, and the Western Ontario Wardens Association. With this funding in place, the OAB 911 would be able to provide education, public awareness, as well as 911 Call Taker and Emergency Response training. Expenses for OAB 911 representatives attending CRTC and working group meetings across the country would also be funded from these monies.


Q:    What plan is in place to raise the projected $40,000 annual budget monies?

A:  The OAB 911 has requested an annual contribution of $100 (one hundred dollars) per municipality. With 400 municipalities across the Province of Ontario, it was agreed that this was a fair and equitable proposal.