Peel Regional Police Text with 9-1-1
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Text with 9-1-1
On March 18th, 2014, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) announced that the Text with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1) service for the deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or speech impaired (DHHSI) community was made available in Metro Vancouver.  E-Comm, the emergency communication centre that provides 9-1-1 service to Metro Vancouver and select surrounding areas, is the first Canadian public safety answering point (PSAP) to introduce T9-1-1.

At this time, all PSAPs across the Province of Ontario are actively coordinating with their respective Bell Canada 9-1-1 Service Managers to install and configure the required hardware and software necessary to faciliate the installation of the new 9-1-1 IP Data Network which will provide T9-1-1, as well as some other enhancements for the PSAPs. The installation of the new Bell Canada 9-1-1 IP Data Network will be conducted on a municipality-by-municipality basis, working towards the required completion date of January, 2015.

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Text with 9-1-1 info web



Multi-Cultural Public Service Announements
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Punjabi Speaking 9-1-1 Communicator

Punjabi Grandmother and Grandson

Mandarin Senior's Medical Emergency

Mandarin Car Accident
 Needs Translator


Pocket Dialled 9-1-1 Call



Fact:  Across Ontario, thousands of pocket dialed 9-1-1 calls are made every day; approximately 200-300 calls per day in Toronto alone. That's 10% of the total volume of 9-1-1 calls!

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OAB911 Media Release

OPP Media Release - Pocket dialed 9-1-1 calls

York Regional Police Media Release - Pocket dialed 9-1-1 calls


Following are some educational links regarding "pocket dialed" 9-1-1 calls;

Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association - "Dialing 9-1-1"

CBC News web site - "Police Launch Campaign to End 9-1-1 Pocket Dials"

VIMEO web site (City of Calgary) - "Accidental Calls to 9-1-1"


Wireless Phase II E9-1-1

The following documents presented at the NENA (National Emergency Number Association) Conference and Trade Show hosted in London, Ontario from 12-16 September, 2009, relate to the implementation of Wireless (Cellular) Enhance 9-1-1 Service as well as Next Generation 9-1-1 Service (NG 9-1-1) across Canada.

OAB 911 Public Service Announcement

   OAB 911 Public Service Announcement  (Video)



Other Announcements

Bell Canada 9-1-1 BID 13 Document (Terminal to Network Interface) - Version 16 
Issued to provide details regarding Bell Canada's plans to introduce a new ALI platform planned for deployment in the third quarter of 2012. This new ALI platform will be IP based only.

Telecom Decision - CRTC 2010-224
CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee – Improving access to emergency services for people with hearing and speech disabilities.

Ontario Provincial Police - VoIP Alert
Ontario Provincial Police public alert regarding VoIP phone services and their limitations as it relates to 911 service.

Can Help Find You When You Call 911?
Article dated September 1, 2006 appeared in DECIMA'S Network News, Volume 26, Issue 16

911 Advisory Board Seeks Your Assistance - 31 July, 2006
Resolution is a follow-up to the OGRA/ROMA workshop entitled "Call 911 We're Out of Money".

Resolution to all Members of Council - 25 May, 2006